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D&M Auto Leasing Review

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PROS / This company is known for their swift application processing and attentive customer service.

CONS / D&M does not offer traditional roadside assistance or leasing specials.

 VERDICT / This Auto Leasing service can have you on wheels in no time.

D&M Auto Leasing has been in business for over 30 year, in which time they’ve perfected the arts of customer service and auto leasing. As our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award winner, D&M is a top class auto leasing company who’ll work tirelessly to ensure you get in the car you want in as little time as possible. Their ‘Build Your Own Car’ feature allows you to custom design the car you would like to lease, after which D&M will hunt it down and deliver it to you. We also appreciate that D&M delivers to all 50 states so you can use their service no matter where you live.

D&M offers some spectacular features including trade-in options, end-of-lease purchasing options, fleet leasing, pre-owned car leasing and more. All of these features contribute to the well roundedness of D&M. They are also an incredibly easy company to deal with, from their Website to their customer service reps; they understand how to make their customers happy. We especially like the free online chat they offer.

Like many of our top rated products, D&M offers free lease quotes as well. This is a no obligation service that can be utilized as many times as you need. All around, D&M makes the car leasing experience easy and convenient.


D&M offers most of the features we’d expect a great auto leasing company to posses, our favorite being their ‘Build Your Own Car’ feature. This tool—which can be accessed through the company’s Website—allows the consumer to choose the car the car they want and custom design the interior and exterior. If you want a blue 2011 GMC Acadia with tan leather interior and a CD player, D&M Auto will search through their database of dealers to locate that vehicle. They also offer delivery to all 50 states, so if you’re chillin’ in Hawaii or Alaska, you’ll still be able to get your blue GMC Acadia. D&M also has a mobile app that lets you get a free quote, look up lease trades, returns and even evaluates your current vehicle's trade value.

Another feature we expect to see is a vehicle trade in option. Many of us who are thinking about leasing already have a hunk of junk occupying space in our garage. D&M allows you to trade in your hunk of junk and will put it toward your lease. Depending upon the quality of your hunk of junk, this could drastically lower your monthly payments. D&M will also offer an end-of-lease purchase option. So, if after your three years in the blue Acadia you decide you are unable to part with it—too many good memories—you can simply purchase the car. However, we do not always recommend this because one of the largest perks associated with leasing is the ability to be in a brand new car every few years.

Our only qualm with D&M is that, although they offer all of the features we’d like, they are a little limited when it comes to the additional features. These include 24/7 traditional roadside assistance and leasing specials. However, these are not necessities and therefore do not hurt D&M too bad. While they do not offer traditional roadside assistance, we are impressed that D&M delivers a loaner car for you to use if you end up stranded due to emergencies or while your vehicle has bodywork done. D&M has great customer retention, thanks to their stellar service and customer care, but do not offer leasing specials like our other ranked products. This isn't a bad thing, but many new customers could be brought into the ranks of dedicated customers if D&M offered similar leasing specials.

Ease Of Use

We found D&M extremely easy to use. Their site is simplistic, yet complete; and offers a live chat option on every page. They make choosing a car simple and arranging for delivery even easier. Unlike some of the companies we reviewed, D&M Auto Leasing offers door-to-door delivery which cuts out the middleman and keeps you from having to visit a pesky car dealer. You will be able to arrange for everything over the phone or online and will receive your car a few days later.

D&M also offers free lease quotes with no obligation to buy. This is a great feature because some people are just curious and would like to know how much a vehicle would costs versus buying; and while other companies may require some sort of commitment before receiving a quote, D&M does it regardless. You can also get a lease quote on more than one car if you’re interested in a number of vehicles.

Although D&M does offer articles and information about leasing, we found them to be a little thin. It would have been nice to see some extensive information about the process of leasing and how it is done through D&M. They do offer a little bit of literature, but not enough to satisfy many curious minds. The reason we like to see more depth in articles is because not every consumer will feel comfortable calling and spending 20 minutes on the phone asking a few questions that could have been answered online.

Potential End Of Lease Costs

There are many differences between leasing and buying; however, the one thing that doesn’t differ is the consumer’s responsibility for any damages done to the vehicle. When you own a car, obviously, you are the one who’ll have to fix the bumper if you get in a fender bender. For some reason, however, there is a misconception that people don’t have to fix leased vehicles, this is not true. If you bust up your leased car, you must get it fixed before turning it back in.

As well, you must maintain the car by getting it checked regularly, checking the fluids, etc. If you decide to turn in your leased vehicle with a burnt up engine or a busted rear fender you can expect to pay a fine; and the fine is usually more expensive than the cost of the repairs.

Another fee associated with leasing is an Additional Mileage Fee. Most lease agreements establish a certain amount of miles you can drive each year, and if you exceed that stipulated number, you’ll have to pay. However, you get to choose the number you think you’ll be able to stay under, so choose wisely.

Default penalties and early termination fees can also be expected. A default penalty will arise if you neglect to pay your payments on time. Early termination fees come about when you’ve decided you no longer want your vehicle anymore and would like to end your contract. However, all of these fees are subject to change depending upon the agreement you establish between yourself and the leaser.


We were thoroughly impressed with D&M in this category. In addition to the typical phone support you see with most Auto Leasing sites they offer a direct line to an agent. With other companies you are usually directed to an automated voice who asks you to dance around the key pad of your cell phone. D&M also offers live chat support, and is the only site we could find that does so. This is a great feature because not all questions merit a long phone conversation. You can also access the FAQ section to find answers to the most common questions customers have about D&M.




Even though they’re in our #2 spot, we know you’ll be safe using D&M Auto Leasing. Their comprehensive auto leasing system and fantastic customer support have kept thousands of customers coming back to do business. They boast roughly 75 percent of their business is return customers, a clear sign of a good company. This being said, we truly believe D&M Auto to be a great company that has your best interest at heart.